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Packing & Shipment provides worldwide free shipping. This is very special offer you will hardy get anywhere else. The shipping process consists of various steps and many charges. Grand total is generally between $400 – $500. If you order a Vespa from us you will avoid both, after you clear your payment all is done for you. No additional charges! Standard procedure consists of carefully crating the whole Vespa, choosing the desired port and shipping it to you.


What is point to point delivery?

Point to point delivery means we will ship the scooter and it will be delivered into our authorized warehouse situated as near to you as possible.

Do I have to travel far to pick up my scooter?

Not at all, at most cases, the scooter will be delivered to city near to your home and the warehouse will be within 30 mile radius of the city centre.


Is the whole shipping process complicated for me?

After you’ve ordered, we’ll walk you through the steps of picking up your scooter. We will also provide you with your local shipping agent info (phone #, fax #,e-mail), expected delivery time, and necessary paperwork. That’s it! All the paperwork will be delivered to you via email or mailbox and we will help you with any potential problems.


What if the scooter will be damaged after delivery?

This situation does rarely occur, however it is very important to be well prepared for it. In this scenario please do not pick up the Vespa without filling in the form for insurance purposes. That is essential to succeed in your further insurance claim. We will do our best to supply you with necessary spare parts – so your bike will be nice and running again. However, we do not take any responsibility for this type of damages, we will give you all the necessary help.

Should the damage be of nature not caused during the shipment, take pictures within 14 days and send them to us so we can see the problem and send you the replacement parts if necessary (any claims after the above mentioned period will be denied).


Do you have experience and capacity in the field?

We have done that already more than 450 times and we cooperate with almost two hundreds shipping agents all over the world. If your home is located away from big cities or you live in country with complicated transport issues, please feel free to contact us on and we will do our best to ship your desired Vespa.


Is there possibility of standard business delivery?

Standard business delivery is possible to some world locations (e.g. USA, Europe), however we provide this as a special service and Vespa world-wide free shipping does not include additional costs of business delivery. If you are interested in this kind of delivery, please contact us and require more information about it related to your specific location.

Click here to view the list of most used shipping ports


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