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Wide selection of Vespas

This is the first step you are going to do when buying Vespa. You may already perfectly know what you are looking for or you may still hesitate over model, colour or accessories. We are here to help you with the selection. You can find some help in our model comparison guide and mix your own colour using allvespa colour picker.

Our shop offers you wide variety of Vespas and accessories – if you are looking for classics which proven to be decent choice over the years, you should visit our IN STOCK VESPAS section. We are shipping these Vespas already for years and more than three hundred satisfied clients are the best proof of quality.

Make it your original

However, we are specialized restoration workshop at first place. That means that many of our bikes are being restored from the beginning. This fact gives you exclusive opportunity to adjust the bike during restoration process according to your special needs and taste. In vast majority of cases these adjustments does not cost you any extra money, however, they can be the milestone which gets your bike far beyond standard. The model and colour of your Vespa is totally up to you – use colour pickerĀ to get best results. For those who seek individuality and originality we advise to visit CUSTOMIZED VESPA section and order tailor-made Vespa – the unique world original.

Put some accessories on it

There is no doubt about the amazing look of freshly restored Vespa, however, it may require some accessories to reach the perfection. We believe you and your future Vespa deserve something special in addition to great bike. Feel free to choose some of the racks, improve your wheels or put sport exhaust instead of stock one. Everybody knows devil is in detail and that is why so many customers have already bought these high quality accessories. Please be advised to watch our accessories section for special deals that occurs once upon time. You may be able to get some of the accessories for free when you hit it on right time!

Special wishes

Didn’t you find exactly what have you been looking for? Don’t worry, we can help you with that. Contact us via email ( and tell us what is on your mind. We will do our best to take care of your request.

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We have had our Vespas inspected by different mechanics in the U.S. – all of whom have given their thumbs up. We invite you to have your Vespa checked by a mechanic – we’re positive they’ll give you the thumbs up on our Vespa.




We’ve been in business since 2000. During those years, we’ve sold over 450 Vespas worldwide since 2000.


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