Free Accessories


We make every attempt to provide all the additional small things that are important in keeping your Vespa on the road. Often times, these items will come in handy over the years with the maintenence of your scooter. If later on you find yourself in need of spare parts, let us know. We can't promise we'll have the part around, but if we do - we'll ship the part out.
Here's what's included with every purchase:
Restored Vespa
Vespa accessory
  •  Classic Vespa with Restoration Package
  •  6 month warranty
  •  Spare tire with cover
  •  Floor Mat
Vespa worldwide shipping

Spare brake lights
Vespa accessory

Replacement headlight bulb
Vespa cover

Vespa cover
Vespa kick start

Kick starter spare rubber pieces
Vespa light bulb

Spare light bulbs
Vespa brake pads

Spare back brake rubber pieces
Vespa gas filter

Spare gas filter
Vespa spare handle

Spare brake/clutch handles
All in one tool

All in One Tool
Vespa rubber footers

Spare Kick Stand guards
Vespa owner's manual

Vespa Owner's Manual
vespa accessory

Spare clutch/brake cables
Vespa mirrors