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All Vespa Scooter Restoration

First, let us say that we put our trust into the hands of some very experienced mechanics. Our reputation starts and finishes with our staff. We have no doubt that our mechanics are some of the best Vespa mechanics out there. Before working for our All Vespa™ Restorations 7 years ago, they were fixing Vespas and Lambrettas for a very long time (2 with over 17 years experience). They helped define our criteria for what needs replacing, and how to make our Vespa scooters run smoothly for a long time.


Restoration includes:
Complete strip down and replacement of all rubber hoses, brake shoes, front and rear shocks, springs, seats, tires, tubes, cables, odometer, locks, all electrical wiring, and electronic parts, leg fender shield trim, floor strips, and rubber trim. All pictures below are actual scooters that have been shipped to customers.
All models listed are 150 CC. 


Restoration quality: An important note - many scooters are restores hastily and a fair amount of them are not done well...if you've done your research - you'll more than likely come to this conclusion. We restore the Vespas the correct way. The original body and engine are restored to its original condition. We do our best to display as many pictures (typically 600 X 450) to allow you to get as many details as you can of the restoration. We are absolutely certain you'll be happy with the restoration quality. If for whatever reason you aren't satisfied with the quality - contact us and we'll make it right. We have never had an unhappy customer, and we don't want to have a first.

Vespa Scooter red vespa restoration checklist


When choosing an original 1960's classical Italian Vespa scooter, you have 3 models to choose from; VBB (began manufacture in 1960), VLB, or VBC. All scooters body frames are stripped down to bare metal. All rubber, plastic, leather, aged aluminum trim cover, electrical wires, and harness are thrown away. The frame is then sent to the body shop to be inspected for cracks, welding material, and other abnormalities before the alignment step. After inspecting we apply a primer coat then finish with high-quality color paint.

Vespa Scooter

Vespa Scooter red vespa vinyl seats

Vinyl seats (with stainless steel passenger grip)
-Premium quality Vinyl. Many colors to choose from.

vespa scooter

Vespa Scooter vespa restoration checklist

Polished Stainless steel Crashguard, leg shield, and floor trim
We use polished stainless steel instead of cheap aluminum and rubber.


vespa scooter

Vespa Scooter restoration checklist for scooter vespa

Front glovebox.
Classically rounded glovebox.


vespa scooter

Vespa Scooter checklist for vespa scooter

Gray rubber trim
Brand new rubber trim.


vespa scooter

Vespa Scooter restoration checklist - new brake shoes

New brake pedal and slotted brake shoes
Improved braking over the original for safety.


Vespa Scooter restoration checklist - engine restored

Engine castings are cleaned using a sandblaster and then checking for any cracks, stripped threads, bearing surface tolerances. We reassemble and replace, pistons, rings, carburetor, all Bearings (crankshaft bearings, gear bearings and main shaft bearing), and clutch. Rebuild all gears and clutch assembly. Replace cylinder and cylinder head, exhaust system and all aged parts.


vespa scooter

Vespa Scooter restoration checklist - stainless steel rims

Stainless steel rims
Painted to match the color of the frame.


vespa scooter

Vespa Scooter restoration checklist - stainless steel rims

2 sets of new keys
2 sets of keys for ignition, front and side gloveboxes.


vespa scooter


Vespa Scooter restoration checklist - rear spare holder and spare

Rear spare holder with spare
With matching painted hubcap.


vespa scooter

Vespa Scooter restoration checklist - whitewall tires

New tires
D.O.T. Tires. Whitewalls available upon request.

vespa scooter

Vespa Scooter restoration checklist - odometer

New Odometer
New working odometer - different styles available upon request.

vespa scooter

Vespa Scooter restored carburetor vespa

New 20/20 or 17/20 (depending on model) carburetor with reed-valve
Provides more efficiency than one that shipped with the original scooter.


Vespa Scooter restored vespa tuning

All scooters are road tested and tuned before shipment.

Vespa Scooter restored vespa manual shift

4-speed manual shift
Same manual shift that shipped with the original Vespa.


Vespa Scooter restored vespa white wall tires

White Wall Tires - $100
Added to front and spare.

vespa scooter

Vespa Scooter restoration checklist - polished stainless steel sport exhaust

Polished Stainless Steel Sport Exhaust - $135.00
Brand new and very sharp.
vespa scooter

Vespa Scooter 3 in 1 chrome rack

Chrome 3-in-1 Back Rack -$95
Sturdy Rack for additional storage space.


vespa scooter

Vespa Scooter chrome front rack

Chrome Front Rack -$80
Sturdy Front rack for additional storage space.


vespa scooter

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