Buying a Used Vespa

When searching for a classic Vespa the first thing you want to do is narrow down a few things. Below are some of the top questions that you will need to answer as you begin your search.

1. What is my budget? 

2. What am I going to use it for? 

3. How often will I be using the Vespa? 

4. Where do I find one? 

5. Do I want one that needs maintenance or one that is ready to drive? 

6. How do I know which one is right for me?  

Thinking about these questions will help you understand what you want and need in your used classic vespa. Once you have thought about these questions, the search for your used vespa will be much easier, leaving you with the confidence to purchase one.    



Average Price 

The price for a used versa is going to fluctuate depending on age, condition, features and more. For example, if you are looking for a project to fix up and restore you will be able to find something for a lower cost. By searching online or your local buy and sell advertisements you will likely find a fixer upper for under $1000. Then you would have to factor in what you will need in regard to new parts, labor and time in order to get this project on the road.  

If you are looking for a non-running vespa to be sold to fix up or as parts, you can find one for only a few hundred dollars. These are often found on bidding websites and the seller will give you a list of what is wrong with it or what happened to it in order for it to be sold for parts.

If you are looking for a collector piece or one that is ready to hop on and take a ride the prices average from $3500 and up. This will also depend on what year it is and what features the specific model has.  Don’t forget that the price for the Vespa you want may be higher than you imagined but many places offer Vespa drivers a premium on insurance and you will be able to find parking almost anywhere!    



Top Sites For a Used Vespa 

It can be a difficult process purchasing a used vehicle, especially online. As the Head Quarters are in Florence, Italy and the first releases were done solely in Italy, it may take some time to find the perfect one for you. Checking out the different sites you will be able to see a vast selection of used vespas as well as gain information on the different specifications for the different models. Our site has offered restored classic Vespas since 2000. They are all delicately finished and ready for you to hop on and take it for a ride.  We also sell different accessories you will need, including helmets, gloves, and storage supplies.  While we are impartial to AllVespa, below are other sites to help in your search. is a top action site and is a leader for selling used specialty vehicles. It is well known to all for its actions and its “Buy it now” feature. You can arrange shipping with the seller, and you are backed by your payment method and again by the Ebay policy. Feel at ease when making any purchase from Ebay.  They are no longer the wild west as they once were.  Most sellers have a history and the site has built in numerous protections. has a large selection of vintage classic vespas from all over the United States. They make it easy by allowing sellers to list what is available so we can take a browse. is a company that specializes in used Vespa restoration. The site has a great selection of classic vespas that have been beautifully restored that are for sale. They are shipped from California and only take a few days to arrive in your driveway. They are also known to customize vespas so if you don’t see something you like, its worth reaching out to them. is a cool website to find all sorts of classic vehicles. The site has a selection of Classic Vespas as well as newer ones ranging in price. Plan to spend some time on this site as it has a lot to offer. has both new and used Vespas for sale spread out amounts the United States. There seems to be mainly vespas newer that year 2000 but you can customize your search to narrow it down. With almost 1000 used Vespas for sale you’ll be sure to find something that catches your eye.   

Another tip to remember is that when you buy from one of these sites you are either looking at a company selling it or an individual. When it is a private sale on one of the bidding sites it is always a good idea to look at the seller reviews. You can read comments from other buyers to feel good about your decision if you choose to go that route. If you are buying from a company, often times these companies have relationships with others, possibly in your area. They also often have relationships with the dealerships across the country as they can assist each other when need be.

If you ask one of the companies to ship it to your local dealership, they might just say yes and there is a chance you can save some money on shipping expenses as they will just add it to their regular shipment.    



Where To Find Parts 

The part selection listed on has parts for specific years going back to 1946 when the first Vespa was introduced. They have new and used parts for sale which range in price depending what the part is. has a large selection of brand new parts for Vespas, and for other motorcycles. In fact, they have over 90 pages of Vespa parts for sale. is also another site with a great selection of parts, breaking it down by model. is a user-friendly website updated often with countless options. The staff is helpful and honest when recommending parts or answering questions. is an auction site where you can buy a low-cost unit with damage to use the parts from. They have many listed as “Coming Soon” so it's worth checking it every now and then to see if there's a good deal on parts you may need in the future. That way you won't be scrambling to find what you need when the time comes.  


Advantage Of Purchasing In The USA 

Importing a vehicle is a whole different task. When we look at Vespas for sale outside of our country it is important to make sure that they fit with our regulations. A vehicle inspection being one of those things you need to take care of, you could come across an issue if the vehicle doesn’t pass.  In 2001 the vespa was introduced to the United States for purchase. Any models prior to the released in 2001 found for sale in the United States have already been imported.   If you are living in one of the 50 states you will want to check on the policies for licensing, as some states require a regular drivers license and some require a motorcycle license.       

When purchasing a vespa that has already been imported by someone else you are saving yourself the hassle and uncertainty of the vehicle passing or not. You will be able to purchase your used vespa knowing you can go right to the insurance office and you can be riding within minutes.  Buying a used Vespa from the United States means you don’t have to pay the import fees. The 2.4% import fees can add up depending on the total of the Vespa you chose and if it is not expected that can cause some issues. Another thing to keep an eye out for is the so-called “Gas Guzzler Tax” which can be applied to some vehicles being imported due to how economical the vehicle is during an inspection.  Unfortunately, if you are locked into paying this tax after importing a vehicle you are stuck with it.    

If you are looking at a used classic vespa that is in the USA you can get an inspection done on it by a mechanic shop for around $100.  This will list the possible issues and the current issues with the vehicle. It will also read the gauges and run tests to measure the life of the motor and other large functioning parts. If you are local this is something you can do yourself. If you are not local there are companies that you can hire from the local area the vespa is in. The company will send an employee out to do the same tests and send you a detailed document. This is not an option when purchasing overseas

One more very important fact about buying local is that you have the chance to take it for a test drive. Even if you just rip it up and down the street a few times you get that time to see how it handles which is important as you want to feel comfortable driving it. Used vehicles will drive differently depending on how they were handled or cared for prior to you purchasing it.  It is not typical to find a vehicle that ranges in price, features, and style the way Vespa does.  This versatile scooter is perfect for many occasions. Now that you have all the info you will need right at your fingertips, its time to answer the questions listed above and start looking into the right used Vespa for you. Imagine yourself cruising down your favorite streets, looking at the scenery with the wind in your hair, and start the search!

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